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Overview of Inmates eMail System

InmatesMail Overview

InmatesMail Features
Email is one of the most popular ways to communicate and a lot of people are using it to friends and family. When people get incarcerated they are cut off from using email as a way to communicate. InmatesMail is a suite of applications that enable inmates in prisons globally to utilize the Internet to continue to stay in contact with their loved ones. Phone cards are expensive and a lot of inmates cannot afford to buy them but InmatesMail almost everyone can afford.

Jail Administrator application:


InmatesMail is secure and does not allow for any web browsing! Every jail will have their own mail server setup (i.e. and this is the only mail server that will be used for the inmates through our email software.

InmatesMail has unlimited number of mail boxes

Inmates mail allows Jail Administrators to monitor the inmates email and no email is sent without the approval of the Administrator. All emails from and to prisoners will go to the Administrators mailbox and will be forwarded after approval.

The inmates email address is never revealed so people cannot send email directly to the prisoner.

InmatesMail has a built-in Censoring System, which is managed by the Administrator. New words to filter out/censor can easily be added by the Administrator.

InmatesMail uses our Web Email Interface but can easily be setup for the Administrator to use any other email software like Outlook or Outlook Express.


Web Mail application

InmatesMail's Web Mail Application is used by the inmates to send and receive emails. No other email application can be used since all emails have to go through the Jail Administrator/IT personnel. Using another email software will allow inmates to bypass the Administrator and cannot be allowed except when an inmate doesn't have any restrictions. Preferably all emails should pass our Censoring System.


System Costs

Account Type Description Cost
Setup Setup Cost FREE
Basic Plan 1 GB traffic + up to 100 email accounts $24.95/month
Silver Plan 5 Gb Traffic + up to 250 email accounts $49.95/month
Gold Plan 10 Gb Traffic + up to 500 email accounts $79.95/month
Extra 1Gb Traffic + 100 email accounts $19.95/month
InmatesMail has no setup costs but there is a low monthly fee for the amount of traffic the jail generates and the amount of email accounts we have to setup but depending on how many email accounts we have to setup more money will go back to the Jail (see System Payouts below).

Every email account that we setup costs $19.95 per month for the inmate and can be cancelled at any time.

System Payouts

We pay 20% of our income from email accounts back to the Jail.


Basic Plan 100 Email Accounts Your cost Earnings
    $24.95 $374.05
Silver Plan 250 Email Accounts Your cost Earnings
    $49.95 $947.55
Gold Plan 5000 Email Accounts Your cost Earnings
    $79.95 $1915.05